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Dear gentlemen

No one can beat Liverpool this season. In the “League Final” between Liverpool and Manchester City, the reds from Pool crushed their biggest opponent 3 goals to 1 and thereby pushes down the reigning title holder to a fourth place behind an impressing Leicester side and Lampard’s Chelsea. 

Liverpool have now increased their lead to an eight point advantage and the question now is more if they are able to repeat Arsenal’s old achievement to go thru a season without losing a single game then if any other team will threat them in finally winning their “first” Premier League title.

Sævar, Hacho and Danny got the highest score of Round 12 on a good 8 points each. As Watford won Norwich the two teams swapped places in the tables bottom. This made a huge impact in the table as both Watford and Norwich are the most common answers for the Last position Question. Lasse has thereby lost the throne and drops down to fourth place in the table. Instead we have a new leader in Danny Major who is a point ahead of the APL legend Róbert.

We have reached an international and the end of the Euro 2020 qualifications. I’ll see you guys again Saturday the 23 November when we start Round 13. Head game of the round is Manchester City - Chelsea where Guardiola’s men while fight to get the second place back again. The coupon is available now.

Good Luck

Pierluigi Collina